10 June, 2004

It is Wednesday, 7.30pm Denmark time.

I have just returned to the hotel following the first day of the conference. It is amazing the number of people attending, at least 1000. There are even a few other Australian and one New Zealand Council. I only have a few minutes as I need to get back to the conference centre for the reception.

Yesterday was a mixture of good and bad. I woke with a REALLY BAD neck and shoulder, which lasted all day, with residual pain continuing to now. I think it was because the bed is way too soft and the pillows also being soft,and square, I slept funny. It wasn't funny at all though - thank goodness Bern was here as I couldn't move, my neck and shoulder were tightly locked. This all took place in broad daylight at 4am in the morning. We still managed to get out and have a look around town. R and B were very patient with me and my crooked neck. We had dinner at Kunst and Spaghetti, this was entirely a new experience, with the menu in Danish (requiring translation). It was fantastic food though, I lashed out and had the Fisketallerken whilst R and B played it safe with lasagne.

I believe we might be going back there for dinner tonight, as the people were so lovely.

Sorry, I must get going. It is great to hear from so many of you and that you are keeping up with our travels through this site. Congratulations AK on giving up the ciggarettes, I can see why you were unable to do it whilst you were in London over Christmas. Everyone here seems to smoke, and everywhere (restaurants, hotels, hire cars, taxis, etc). It is also the case in Denmark. This seems really weird as there is such an emphasis on other health issues such as mobility, obesity, eating organic products, even meat pies have been targetted due to cholesterol.

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