16 June, 2004

Hi all, It is 1.54pm in lovely Leicester. We are right on top of the technology - I am emailing from a Caffe Nero through a wireless connection whilst we have our lunch. We have visited with the Council and are grabbing a bite before we head to the Leicester Eco-House.

We have not been able to post any blogs for a couple of days as we were staying in a bed and breakfast without a phone connection. It was a really georgous place, in the heart of squirrel country (and I should mention the hare, one was in the backyard last night but not interested in the piece of bread I had). I have some funny stories to tell about it but will save them for later or when we get back. I need to be really quick as R needs some internet time too.

We are off to Stockport this afternoon. I will hopefully be able to blog more then.


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