04 June, 2004

Well, after leaving Bristol this morning, we headed for Bath. It only took about 30-45 mins to get too, and was FANTASTIC!
Bath was full of old world charm and the buildings were great. We went to the Roman Baths, (I will post the pics tomorrow as it is 11pm here and we are tired)! I am sure that Lou will also want to make an entry about Bath, so I will leave it for her!
Today was also a bad day for the air system. There was a computer system upgrade overnight, and when they rebooted it after it's install, it did not work! The follow-on effect was that ALL airports in the UK could only land, NO take-offs at all, until mid morning, but had problems all day! I hope that we do not have that sort of problem on Monday for the flight to Denmark.
We have had a bit of rain tonight, I hope it is raining at home!

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