04 June, 2004

It is now 11.15pm so this is going to be a quick one. It is taking a bit of getting used to the fact that it doesn't start getting dark till really late. I mean really late, you think it is about 7pm and it is actually 10pm.

Wednesday we had a really good meeting with South Gloucestershire, it is really amazing the size of some of these councils. Again this Council has 70 Councillors! and I think it was 9000 employees. The range of their functions though is more than local government in Australia, including schools amongst other things.

We tried our first 'cream tea', which is a devonshire tea in our language. It was recommended to us by the Officers at South Gloucestershire, I thought it was actually going to be a cup of tea with clotted cream instead of milk, it didn't sound at all appetising for someone who doesn't even like milk in their tea. R and B seemed to know exactly what it was, silly me.

We traveled back to London today via a fly by visit of Bath. I could have easily spent a week in Bath. This has been my favourite spot so far - I am already planning a holiday just to Bath. It is such a fascinating place, the streets and buildings, the Roman Baths, and the shopping.

We got back to London and have returned to the hotel we first stayed in, in Kensington Gardens. We have been given rooms under the street level. They are a bit bigger, which has made it a bit easier to sort out our paperwork for the next Council visits. We grabbed dinner from the local Marks and Spencers - I am really getting into this prepackaged but fresh meal concept. Tonight was steamed green thai chicken, and raspberry and chardonnay dessert. It enabled us to get through our work and still eat at a reasonable hour.

Anyway gotta go. We have an early start to get to Ealing tomorrow and a visit with the Chair of the Ealing Local Agenda 21 Pollution and Public Health Project Group.

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