08 June, 2004

Well, here I am in Aalborg, Denmark. After a hot, humid day yesterday, it is cold, wet and miserable here!!! But, I am not complaining, it is just a bit of a shock to the system!!
I have just had a call from L to say that they were in Oslo late, and may be late here in Aalborg, but I am fine with watching a few (very small airport) planes come and go.
I have just had a 'snack' whilst waiting, and it was a bowl of 'fries'! I say it like this as they were fried to within an inch of there lives, and in some cases, they were!!!
The hotel here looks quite good. I have only been in it for probably less than an hour, as I wanted to get to know the transport system. I located the bus that goes to and from the 'Lufthaven' from the city centre.
I have not had a chance to get all of the pics loaded up yet, sorry, but I will do it over the next couple of days, hopefully tomorrow!
Oh well, I had better go now.

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