03 June, 2004

Hi Folks!
Well, it is 8:10pm and it is still broad daylight!!! After trying to get adjusted with the daylight till almost 10pm, Louise has gone to bed totally, and physically exhausted!!
Last night, we had dinner with Ginnie Parker, who is the 'Sustainable City Policy Manager' for Bristol Council. We had 'Bangers 'n' Mash' which were organic pork and garlic. We also had onion gravy!! Dinner was great, thanx Ginnie!
Both Louise and Ruth had a long day of meetings with Bristol Council, whislt I did the Big Bus Tour around Bristol. It was great seeing the River Avon which has a tide of around 13 metres! Bristol is fantastic in it's history and culture. Very easy going.
Dinner tonight whilst Ruth visited friends, was from 'Marks and Spencer'. They have a HUGE range of meals. Louise had (for a starter) Crispy Mushrooms with Garlic Mayo and then Sicilian Orange Chicken with Pecorino Roast Potatoes. Where as I had boring old Southern Fried Chicken & Fries!!!
I have updated the pics yesterday, and I am about to add in the pics so far from Bristol, so do go and have a look!!
Today, the girls had a meeting up at Sth Gloucestershire. The Council chambers were in a little country town named Thornbury. Quite quaint really, and they had at the entrance to town, a little 'Community Garden' project. When I went to the visitor centre to ask about it, the lady there told me that they are the 'Allotments'! Also in town, they have a Sensory Garden, and some of the trees in ther are good old aussie Eucalyptus!!! And, whats more, in one there was even a Black Bird's nest. See the pics!
Oh well then, I had better go and up-load the pics.
Take care.

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