25 August, 2004


Well what a coincidence!

Yesterday, L made a post to welcome A to the WWB (Wonderful World of Blogging). But when she did the 'update' thing, she saw that my post (almost at the same time) was there too!! AND, what's more, the title on both were THE SAME! What are the chances!

I have now had emails from Loobylu, FluidPudding & UGC all saying it was ok to link to their sites, Thanks all concerned, your sites are really good reading for L, and a pain for me as she wants me to work on our site, to make it worthy of yours. L is always looking for some sort of inspiration (as an excuse to get away from studying I say!!)!!

On Monday morning, we had the construction of the townhouse development up the back, put in the cables for Telstra. What this meant for us is, that they had to dig a trench from the corner of our property, to almost the 7- Eleven up the road! Whilst they did an ok job of it (particularly in front of our place) it is pretty ordinary the rest of the way. What is really disappointing is we could not water it until today, and only up to 10 am thanks to the water restrictions in place, thanks to Sydney Water. So hopefully L is out there watering it now.

Well, that's it for now, whilst I am at work, and L is at home studying, or at least I hope you are L!


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  1. i am told it is you i can blame for A's recent obsession with blogging (she is a regular customer - and i like to think friend but she may disagree- at the video store i manage). the past few days i've gotten into the habit of coming home and spending hours on the computer as she has convinced me to start my own blog and i end up reading yours and a few others while i'm here. i blame you entirely for my weakness, A's as well. *smile* have a good week off L, work hard B.


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