30 August, 2004

what a weekend.......

WOW!! What a weekend! Firstly, on Saturday morning, we had the Gardens of the Future Expo which went really well, (even though L was not there for my presentation)!!! A got to see it though!!!
We had a really tiring day on Sat, after the expo, we got some rolls for lunch, worked on A's blog a bit, went to the video store to get some DVD's (Shattered Glass a story about a disgraced associate editor who fabricated many articles for the The New Republic; you can read more here) & (House of Sand and Fog you can read all about it there!!) Two very good movies.....

On Sunday, we took B (not me) and A (not the previously mentioned A but A.... are you confused????) to the airport to see them off to Fiji! It was sad to see them go (only because I wished it was I, not them, going through the magic doors....), but I hope they have a good time!! After that we went to the new Westfield at Bondi Junction. L bought herself a new Spencer and Rutherford bag Go Fetch. I will get a pic of it loaded shortly so as you can see why L HAD to have this bag. Then we went on to Manly Vale to go to the Nursery there, and finally we got L her Globe Artichoke, then went home to rest when it started to (finally) rain.



  1. Bern, while I'm on burnt offerings I get "...... .. not good in the kitchen ..." scrolling around on the bottom of my page. Is that you?!?!?! If so, I can understand why - you are very adept at HTML - you've some a long way from the HTML you once sent me at KMC that purported to be some school boy from a trailer park who "sucked" and HTML - do you remember that??!?!

    Louise Hardy - hello everyone!

  2. yeah i noticed the kitchen thing too, always wondered who that was refering too... congrats on your garden expo B, i hear from a reliable source you did a great job.

  3. LH,
    No I dont remember that at all!!!
    As to the .... not good in the kitchen .... that is a java thingy that explains L is not good in the kitchen....
    Great to hear from you

  4. N,
    Yes it did go well, although your reliable source was correct, I am still awaiting some evidence of the day from her digi cam!
    The kitchen thing, well it is not me!!


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