26 August, 2004

Greyhound for sale, going cheap!!

no, not really, although I suspect that L is a little hopeful!!

Yesterday, whilst having a break from studying, L was out the back pulling out the Poa annua (Winter Grass) from our yard. Now hear is where the problem is, she was using her kneeling pad and it got a little damp. So, by the end of the day she put it on the outside table for it to dry and promptly forgot about it.

Roll clock forward about 4-5 hours.

Macc the lovely Grey was wandering around the lounge room making us all know he would like to visit the men's room. So, I got up from the computer, trying hard to work out how to put in thumbnail's (and that's another story), and let him out, and promptly forgot about him and went back to the computer to make some bids on

Now roll the clock forward about 2 hours.

I was going to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, and I glanced out the back door to see the said Grey lying like an angel (not) on the cold tiles on our verandah, DUH!! So, I let him in again.

Roll the clock forward 2 hours.

"Ok Macc, time for bed", I heard from L as she went to the pantry to get M his sardines, and as she went out the back to what appeared to look like it had snow in our courtyard! oooohhhhhh!! she yells.

So, as a result, he was now out for the night in disgrace!! Oh, and I worked out the trick of thumbnail's, won 2
eBay auctions and managed to put the clock on our website!!!



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  1. Speaking as Macc's attorney in this matter, I can categorically state that he is innocent of all charges... it being a cat..disguised as a black, long-legged, giraffe of a dog.... and not Macc. The accused being far too sweet, pure and innocent for such a treacherous act!!!...... A.

    P.S. I sell bridges too... interested?


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