26 August, 2004

They went the way of the muffins

It's true really! I didn't eat them all by myself. Macc is to blame.

The triple chocolate muffins and now the pancakes. I'm suprised he didn't succeed in getting the choc chunk cookies I made yesterday. This has been a very domestic week - cooking, cleaning, and x-stitching. Probably because this is infinitely more exciting than the economics I am supposed to be studying.

Macc and I have just been to the park, it was as we were leaving that I thought I would take one of the pancakes for him as a reward. He gets a bit of time off the lead to chase a ball and some form of yummy enticement reminds him that he needs to bring the ball back to me. However, the plate upon which the freshly made pancakes were cooling was bare. I can't say I was overly disappointed though, as they were a bit burnt. However, this continual thieving when it comes to food is getting to be a bit of nuisance.

B and I are going to have to work harder to establish that the kitchen, Jasmine's dinner, and any food generally that is not in his bowl is off limits.

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