09 January, 2005

canal walk

come on, lets go!

Yesterday, B and I took the boys for a walk along the Lower Prospect Canal walk/cycleway from our place as far as the Cumberland Hwy, one-and-a-half hours in total. It was fantastic, we have walked in the other direction but thought it might be nice to explore somewhere new. At one point we could see Chatswood and the City and whilst we had beautiful weather the rain was coming down in these areas.

lower prospect canal reserve

Yesterday, Joe also got to meet some of the members of his new family (the mum, son and daughter). Apparently, apart from the dad, there are three more children, a live-in nanny, and a cat. He got on really well with them and they loved him, which is keeping at bay the panic that was beginning to rise in my stomach at the thought of him going.

Today, we did another part of the Lower Prospect Canal walk/cycleway, one hour this time, and starting from Gipps Rd towards the Reservoir. Unfortunately, we got just short of the Reservoir as the gates were being shut at 6.35pm. I asked the security guard how far it was to the reservoir and it was only a 5 minute walk. If we had been 5 minutes earlier we would have made it!

When we got home, we were greeted enthusiastically by Jasmine.

"You could have taken me with you on the walk".

Sleepy Boys

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