30 January, 2005

cry baby

It was an up and down kinda weekend.

The ups
  • one of my longest standing friends (since primary school) had a second baby on Thursday, a little girl. B and I visited Meagan on Friday, and stayed long enough to both disgrace ourselves as baby hogs, although I think B may have been worse than me. We also got to catch up with her husband Neil and little Jordie, their no 1.
  • visit with the endochronologist, the good news being my pesky companion is only 3mm and blood tests are within the normal limits
  • B has been invited to be MC at the littlest sisters wedding
The downs
  • I have an exam this week to study for.
  • I had a visit with my endochronologist, and although the blood tests done last time might be within normal limits, some are too low, so other tests needed to be carried out. My endo was very sweet and reassuring and is going to get a second opinion, B asked lots of questions, I however, dealt with it in my way and had a little cry. It was much simpler when the blood tests were out of range - they treat that with a pill that I'm familiar with.
  • Did I tell you that I'm not a bridesmaid or whatever the one is when you are married, for the littlest sisters wedding,? It's stupid really, because I didn' t expect to be one, I've already got my dress, and I'd rather sit with my husband at the reception. So what's the problem? I would like to have been involved somehow. It seems anyone who has rubbed shoulders with the littlest sister lately is involved and I feel left out.

Poor me.

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