13 January, 2005

d day

Oh Joe.....

that's 'd' for..... dog (Joe); desperate (me), do we have to hand him over?

The day has arrived for Joe to move one step closer to his new home. We got the call last night that he was to be collected this evening to have injections updated and whatever else needs doing, so that he can be given to his new family on Saturday. After the call, the mood was a bit sombre, and I am sure that our four legged friends could sense that something was about to change. Both and Macc and Jas have really bonded with Joe, and Joe with them. We have noticed that 'the Boys' as they are affectionately known, have been picking up on each others characteristics and copying them. Joe in particular has become a little more crazy this week, expressing more of his personality, and even playing with some of Macc's toys which he wasn't too interested in at first.

After the call, we went on a special night walk around the block (I think this was more for B and me) and a nightcap of milk was served to the boys at bedtime. This morning toast with vegemite was their added treat, along with a dog chew before I headed out the door.

I wished I didn't have to go to work today.....I am sick as a dog (well at the thought of losing a dog).

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