18 January, 2005

pesky companion

my pituitary adenoma is back, I don't know any more than that. Having had an MRI before Christmas and having not heard anything, I took it upon myself to contact my doctor yesterday. His lovely secretary Ange was suprised and very apologetic that my results were missing, having not been forwarded by the hospital, and she had forgotten to follow them up. I left it with her, and not too much later got the call that my pesky companion is back. I didn't get much detail, she did tell me how big, but it didn't sink in, my mind went to another place. She rang again this morning to book me in for an appointment in a couple of weeks. I think she knew I wasn't really listening/taking things in. At the time I was shocked, although not really suprised, sad but at the same time relieved... it explains a few things, and again I have an excuse for being a 'moody cow'.

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