25 May, 2005

r u going round the twist

what's wrong with this picture?

odd shoes

This morning I was feeling pretty good about myself, I had on a new skirt and top and was not running late for work. I even had time to put petrol in the car and happily accepted the compliment from the petrol station attendent who commented on my "great skirt" and that I looked like I was "ready for a hot date". Wow, this was going to be a great day!

A short time later I was sitting at my desk having a cup of tea, going over some reports to be discussed at a meeting at 11.00am when a couple of my colleagues arrived. After a brief bit of chit chat one of my colleagues very worriedly and gently pointed out to me that I had on two different shoes.

Me: No way, Have I?, No I wore the same shoes yesterday, MY GOD You're right. LOTS OF LAUGHING
BR: Yes, I noticed yesterday afternoon, but as you were leaving soon, it didn't seem a big deal.
Me: That's so funny, well at least they're both black.

As another colleague arrives, and asks what's funny, I explain and she too says she noticed yesterday.

Me: Didn't you think that was a bit weird of me?
KR: I thought maybe you had a sore foot or something, I dunno really

The crazy thing is though, in my mind I believed I was wearing the shiny pair of shoes with the ribbing across the top and the right shoe (the one I am not wearing) has some loose stitching, and when I went to the loo the day before I clearly recall looking at my right foot and thinking "didn't that shoe have some loose stitching......I must have got that repaired".

Anyway B saved the day, being at home he was able to bring me out the other half of one of the pairs I was wearing.

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