03 January, 2007

edible garden

passionfruit harvest

behold our first ready to eat passionfruit. By todays standards we have a large yard, and have tried to make the most of it. When we first moved in we had a lemon tree (it fruits all year round), persimmon, locut, mulberry, and the biggest monsterio delicio I have ever seen, and that no one will ever see again, as it got removed with the privet. These fruit trees gave us the idea for an edible garden, we now have another mulberry (a weeping one), a mango tree, lychee tree, blood orange, kaffir lime, and bush tucker inspired lillypilly's, lemon myrtle, and finger lime. We also have as many varieties of scented geraniums as I could find including, lemon, ginger, tutti fruiti, nutmeg, rose, lime, and peppermint. Apparently, the geraniums can be used to infuse flavour into all sorts of dishes, and although I have not tried any yet, I have a few recipes to try out.

And herbs, thyme, rosemary, oregano, parsley, basil, chilli, chives, and coriander. A globe artichoke.

And newly planted strawberries.

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