17 January, 2007

fabric express

fabric for 'Sophie's Quilt' from Patchwork on Central Park

thank goodness, this arrived in the post, if only to save me from having to see the chook (in the previous post) one minute longer. I was seriously on the verge of going vegetarian.

The fabric in the pile includes the front and binding, and the white dot on green that the pile is displayed on is the backing for Sophie's Quilt (see Jan 12 post). I can't wait to get started although I am trying to finish a x-stitch that has been a work in progress for too long now.

Not much crafting will get done at the moment either it is too hot, and is only to get hotter with temperatures of 38 degrees C on the weekend apparently.

The warm weather was much appreciated though on Monday night when B and I enjoyed The Queen at the Open Air Cinema at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney with the littlest sister and her friend from Broken Hill. The two times, in previous years, it has rained during the movies we have been at, so this was a pleasant suprise. It was also nice to share the experience with the littlest sister, who congratulations is 11 weeks pregnant. It was a little disconcerting though as she is terribly sick with it, and spent a good deal of the time with her face in a towel she carries with her to deal with the acid.

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