06 January, 2007

good read

The Master Pearler's Daughter

I have finished my first book for 2007. An enjoyable read, Rosemary Hemphill's memories of childhood, growing up in Broome with time also spent in England. Broome is one of those places I would love to holiday, and my fascination has been further fueled by 'The Master Pearler's Daughter', I also have a passion for pearls, and as the title reflects, this book explores , aspects of this industry. Recently B, gave me a set of south sea pearl earrings for finishing my MBA, he had bought them in 2006 as incentive for me to finish my last subject, and I was not able to have them until I had finished.

A friend from the past once referred to pearls as tears of the ocean, and this somehow seemed fitting as a graduation token, as many tears were shed over the last couple of years in obtaining this qualification. Rosemary, refers to her childhood in Broome as teaching her to be strong, independent and resourceful, I believe there may be some parallels to be made in doing my MBA. This was a lovely book to read, for me it celebrated the special and unique Australian environment, and that I have so much to be grateful for; family, self determination, and a garden.

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