05 January, 2007

meet the neighbours (part three)

meet the neighbour (part III)

(and farewell) our newest neighbour, Cooper. Visiting for 3 weeks, staying with the neighbours to the left, it has been somewhat eventful, with:

  • lots of conversation* that investigated by Macc was quickly dismissed. An SMS or two from us, being neighbourly, asking if everything was OK with the little fella, and would the neighbours like us to check? Thinking the neighbours were out, but no they just needed some time to themselves, and Cooper whilst adorable is a little high maintenance in the attention department.
  • a search party instigated when he had slipped his noose and gone walkabout. The one occasion we were pleased to hear his barking, as it meant we knew he was near, even if we couldn't find him, and he returned to homebase of his own doing, and
  • a play day, in which he stopped with us for 1/2 a day and ran Macc ragged (Greyhounds are not known for their endurance).

till next time.

*translation - barking

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