12 June, 2007

Like father (my favourite brother) like son.

Like father (my favourite brother) like son.

I love this photo of my favourite five year old nephew. After a day of x-box with a bit of gardening thrown in, it was time for a nap whilst watching ABC kids.

What I really love about this picture is that it is a bit of history repeating. His dad, my favourite brother, always made sure his toys were comfortable and taken care of before he went to bed at night, even if this meant there was no room left for him in the bed. I am sure this is an indication of a caring and gentle personality.

My favourite nephews were spending the day with me whilst renovations were being carried out on their new home, so whilst the terrible (tongue in cheek) two year old was napping I planned to sew on the binding of the little boys quilt that was inspired by him and his lurv of cars. However, the five year old nephew decided it was right just as it is, and who can resist such admiration of your work. Not me.

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