20 June, 2007

would you look at this

Vicki now has a website, and isn't her art great? Vicki and B used to work together and became friends, and I am proud to say I am the owner of 'walking the dog' which you can view in the gallery on her website. The trees are collaged (not a word I know) and the man in the photo is B walking Macc (our dog). These last two aspects are my interpretation. But that's what art is all about isn't it?

There is a nice little story about how I came to own this picture, B had taken me to Vicki's exhibition at the glasshouse in the Botanic Gardens, he was supporting his friend and knew I would love her work. A lot of the artworks were sold but this was among those left and I loved it. I am a bit of a procrastinator and couldn't really justify buying art, what with a mortgage and me being the home financial nazi. Crazy really because we have a lot of art on the walls, I have a real weak spot for it. But I wasn't really expecting to be be buying art this particular day.

Anyways, B had a quiet word with Vicki that I didn't know about, and back at work made arrangements to divert his superannuation payments for a period of time to pay Vicki for the painting. This was particularly sneaky because it would not affect what was being banked from week to week. I was given the painting for my birthday that year, and I was sooooo surprised.

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