06 June, 2007

thursday thirteen...

Thirteen Things about burntofferings (L & B)

1. We own a Greyhound (Macc), a cat (Jasmine), an inside fish (Fighting Fish that Jas drinks from) and fish in the bathtub/lilly pond up in the back garden.
2. We are both keen gardeners, but only one has a qualification.
3. L enjoys any sort of craft (Quilting, X-Stitching, Knitting…).
4. L has finally finished her studying (for now).
5. How stupid am I, as I am doing another degree!
6. I have 3 scars from two operations.
7. Both L and I have a combined age greater than our house which was built in 1928.
8. On average each day, both L and I, we do in excess of 150klms to get to and from work!
9. When L smiles, she does not have any dimples in her checks.
10. The longest time away from L was in July 2005 when I went to Nth Wales for 3 weeks. Not bad in the 10 years I have known her!
11. I would like to get a new car (Suzuki Vitara of course).
12. I love it when there is the smell of fresh cut grass and a thunderstorm is approaching.
13. I love you L.

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