21 June, 2007

thursday thirteen # 3 'my dad'

Thirteen Things about my dad

  1. 'nevertheless' is one of my dad's words

  2. my dad has been married to my mum for 38 years

  3. he is the youngest of 5 children

  4. he has a passion for traditional bookbinding which he has learnt to craft through TAFE

  5. my addiction to shopping and collecting is to a good part in genes I have inherited from my father

  6. I look like my dad and his side of the family

  7. if you need a pep talk you can count on dad

  8. dad is a master handyman, he fixed all the broken panes of glass in our house when we moved in two years ago yesterday

  9. he is also the master provider; when we needed curtain rods he miraculously came up with enough for every room in the house and for the neighbours too if they had wanted them. The rugs in the loungeroom, dining room, bedroom were also supplied and come to think of it quite a bit of the furniture. I think this reinforces number 5

  10. he likes to watch Home and Away, although when we were growing up he would call it Far and Away

  11. he still closes the door to the car for my mum when they go for a drive. If you are female he will also see you safely into the car and close the door for you

  12. he is the most careful driver I know

  13. my mum is responsible for one of his passions, the family tree, she wanted some photos of our ancestors to put into an album for my 21st birthday. I never got the album because dad is still working on it.

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