10 October, 2007

Banksia Rose and photo editing...

In this shot, I have taken a picture of our Banksia Rose that is growing up and through or Bottle Brush.

Banksia Rose (Natural)

Here, I have edited it by just reducing the saturation of colour. I sort of like it, do you?

Banksia Rose tweaked


  1. Hi Bernie, Love both of your rose shots. I have roses coming out of my ears lately. Siani also posted a rose for WW.

    I really loved the series on the Botanical Garden previously posted. That looks wonderful.

  2. Sure do. You could paint that beautiful flower puce and it would continue to be a beautiful flower.

    Nice to remember that it's spring somewhere!

    God bless.

  3. It's gorgeous Bernie. I like tweaking with Photoshop too. Good job!
    Happy WW.

    Come vist me at maryt.wordpress.com and workofthepoet.blogspot.com

  4. Great photos. I just happened to find you glad I did....Just beautiful.

  5. I really like both those shots. But the color saturated one a teeny bit more.

  6. Wow, I don't know which one I would choose. They are both beautiful.

  7. Both pictures are quite beautiful!

  8. absolutely beautiful. i can't decide which version i like best. they're both gorgeous.


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