04 October, 2007

Welcome to...FINN!!!

Well, yes I know it has been a week since our last post, but we have both been somewhat busy of late. BUT, we do have a new member to the family!

Name that fish
We are not sure of a name for him yet, L wants to call him 'Graceful' but I am not sold on this. We spent all of about 2 mins picking hm out of about a dozen or so fish... It was easy for me, he was one of three others that were blue, and a strong, vibrant blue at that.
So, please, may I hand it over to you, you and you, yes all three (maybe more) of you to suggest a name. We will take suggestions until Sunday night 9pm (of which Australian Idol should be finished) Australian Eastern Time. I will post the luck name, and winner of course, Monday morning Sydney time!

Thanks to all of the suggestions, but the winner is Bob-kat, amongst others...
I did like Shephard's suggestion of Azure as well!

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