26 October, 2007

Big Bird comes to Sydney...

Well, with all the hype she finally arrived, it was a pity that it was only two years late! Not to mention, the lovely weather Sydney put on, not only for its arrival yesterday afternoon, but for its departure back to Singapore this evening.


Today was to be a day that L and the MIL were going to Art Sydney. I had been give two tickets to go from the Paddington Contemporary as I had recently purchased a book and a doll (Lulu, L's alter ego) that Rebecca Cool had made and her artwork was throughout the book Woman Hood. But, as I had managed to swing around a busy week into a flex day today, I was going to go out to Sydney Airport to have a look at the beast, but instead decided to 'tag' along with only one request, that we drive past to have a look.


So, as we headed off along the Motorway that goes along the perimeter of the airport, under the smaller of the three runways, I was expecting a lot of traffic. We had heard that there was already a lot of traffic there, but I was surprised to see not much at all. At least, nothing like when APEC was on when you were not aloud ANYWHERE near the fence. People were parked along the fence line just near the runway's 'blast fence' near where she was parked, so we decided to swap spots (I was driving) and if need be, we can get back into the car in a hurry and drive away as there was both security AND Federal Police in the area moving people on.


So, I took a couple of shots, changed to my long lens, and sure enough, we saw a Federal Police car coming with his red and blue lights flashing. Now I was atop a very small roadside barrier fence (about a metre high) and as L quickly jumped in the car, I got my last shot (above) and got into the car and we headed off. The last time a cousin of the bird was in town, I copped a fine for an 'Obstructed' Number plate (there is bound to be a post about this in the coming weeks/months, as I am contesting the infringement!) and was not about to get another one!

L will make a following blog regarding the day of Art Sydney!

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