21 February, 2008

Its a '5 things' meme!!

Ok, I liked this a lot from ExPat Mom, so I thought I would do it as well...

Five things I didn’t see coming
Meeting my soul mate...
My accident resulting in spinal surgery!
Travelling overseas, I thought it would be impossible!
My engine blowing up in my car a couple of years ago.
Finding absolutely NOTHING wrong when doing the laundry renovation. We thought there might be something!

Five things I was doing 20 years ago
Performing on stage in an annual musical (singing AND Dancing, ekk!! and I have the videos to prove it!!!)
Doing both Trampoline and Gymnastics every night of the week...
Doing my apprenticeship as a gardener.
Going camping when I could.
Going on train trips as well when I could.

Five things on my to do list for today
Finish work!
Go to the gym and have a swim afterwards.
Finish preparing the door to the laundry, (sanding the underside and painting it).
Watch both LOST and Ramsey Kitchen.
Try and get a good nights sleep

Five things I will do when I am a millionaire
First Class to England flying either Japan Airlines or Emirates.
From Europe to Guatemala to visit Genesis!
Renovate the bathroom, paint the inside of the house (incl filling the cracks).
Get a new car!
Renovate the lawns with a topdressing and new turf (QLD Blue Couch of course).

Five things I will never wear again
Some of the costumes I once wore on stage!
Ugg boots in public...
Speedos when swimming (until I lose a bit of weight)
Flared Jeans.
A dress! (ok, it was for a fancy dress party, and I went as Dame Edna Everage!)

Five of my favorite toys
Monopoly (ok, its a game, but it is a toy all the same...)
Playstation II
Jungle Party on PSII

Five banes of my existence
CSA. Only a couple more years to go...
Slow drivers in the fast lane! Don't you know there is a law against it!
People who mis-understand a light hearted comment, as something as being more than it is... Stay happy people!
Not being able to stay in touch with my friends as much as I would like to. I am sorry, I would like to see you, but we are sooooo busy at the moment...
Mowing the lawn then Macc does a you know what on it...

Ok, I have to tag someone new with this . . . YOU! If you´re interested, take up the challenge!

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