11 February, 2008

Bali Hotel: Puri Bali Jimbaran

An abundance of Frangipani's were around and were collected during the morning. The better ones were used that afternoon on the bed pillows when they turned the bed down at night for you...

Frangipani at night
Our hotel reception, was very VERY nice... Througherly reccomend staying here, we will again!

Puri Bali Jimbaran Reception
Beach side restaurant at sunset. Fantastic food day or night!

Puri Bali Jimbaran Beach Restaurant
Looking from reception across the huge pool to the beach side bar and restaurant.

Puri Bali Jimbaran Pool & Bar


  1. Oh dear. That first foto should win a contest and the others...well. I need to be there. Now. Thx so much for your visit (a/k/a Rhonda)

  2. WOW!! Smashing shots!! lovely place!

  3. Looks very inviting. Is that in Nusa Dua?

  4. Great resources for travelers. Find other related information including cheap Bali hotels booking now. This hotel is located in Jimbaran.

  5. impress photographs in every posts!

  6. beautiful shots you have here. btw.. thanks for the visit and for the comment :)

  7. oh wow... that's beautiful.

    That first photo is breathtaking...

  8. Many thanks for the visit,

    Bali is one of our favourite spots - Jimbaran Bay is exquisite.

    Your previous post, with the macro shots, is great.

  9. [loud GASP] these pictures are so... pretty!

    I'm in love with the first


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