12 March, 2008

Having a 'clean & green' birthday!!!

I just thought I would share with you, my 'birthday' present... Well, sort of!

It is actually a replacement machine, as it predecessor decided to retire from active duty, after spending a couple of weeks resting out on the verandah! So, with this new, clean & GREEN machine, we will be saving more on Energy and Water!

Our old washing machine would work to a point; that is fill up, then stop! No washing was being done at all! This became very frustrating and was made worse by having to do the soaking load by HAND! And at 11.30 on a Sunday night!

So, on my birthday, there was a lot of calls to various shops to get the best deal, and to ensure that it would actually FIT into the back of my car! This was all achieved, with me arriving at the warehouse at 4:58pm when it shuts at 5:00pm!
So, Happy Birthday to me...

Washing Machine

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