16 September, 2009

An Inland Sea in Qatar!

First, this is going to be a very QUICK post, as I am about to go into Old Doha for a bit of shopping before it gets to hot and unattractive (as in, for me when I am walking around, wet from sweat, yes, VERY unattractive I know)!

Yesterday was a very tiering day to say the least... It all started when the phone rang at 5.15am... NOT my mobile which was thankfully on silent due to time zones, but the hotel phone which was right at my ear! I was sort of awake anyway, but I was definitely awake after that!

I eventually got up, showered and ready for my meeting and headed down to breakfast... Food here is just fantastic, and the meeting went really REALLY well! It was a 2 and a bit hours of various discussions about Doha. I am now going to be having a follow-up meeting on Thursday morning sometime, that’s how well it went!

So, after the meeting I went quickly into the streets below where there is an abundance of shops, selling anything and everything, and it is replicated (randomly) like some weird scientific experiment! But, nevertheless, it is cheap! I made a purchase of a broad brimmed hat (NO, I did not forget mine, it was crushed beyond all recognition at home!) for the afternoon in the dunes. And on that note, I will let my pics tell the story of the afternoon, as I have gotta run!

Inland Sea Safari, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
1. Doha Desert Safari 2, 2. Doha Desert Safari 1, 3. Doha Desert Safari 4, 4. Doha Desert Safari 5

Inland Sea Safari, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

Inland Sea Safari, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
1. Doha Inland Sea Dinner Table, 2. Doha Camels, 3. Doha Inland Sea Camp, 4. Doha Inland Sea

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