15 September, 2009

Greetings from Doha!

Well, all I can say is, g'day! After a 14.5 hour long flight to Dubai of which I had a great sleep (woken up for dinner not long after departure, missed the mid flight snack, but had to be woken AGAIN for breakfast), and a very quick 45 minute flight from Dubai to Doha, I arrived remarkably fresh in a very hot Doha morning. Here is a short video of the arrival into Doha:

I got through Immigration (eventually) and I had a driver there waiting... You know those types who hold a board with your name on it! WOW!! Anyway, out to the carpark and into the Lexus and we were on our way to the hotel...

As it was so hot, and I had to prepare for a meeting, I quickly had a shower... However, times had changed and the meeting for today had changed to tomorrow (breakfast) so I had the afternoon to myself! So, I headed down for a swim in the pool. It was good, not as cool as I had thought, but with the temperature heading towwards 43c, it was nice. After a swin and a cool down, and even a quick 30 min sleep, I got ready and walked down to the Souk Waqif. But instead found myself walking down to the Corniche fo a quick look. I wished I had taken my long lens though:

Sunset Souk, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Sunset Roadworks, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.


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