17 September, 2009

Doha by night (and some day...)

Doha Night Skyline, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

Tonight, I went out with my trusty, albeit OLD, Olympus C-50 camera and that above pic is the resulting shot I got... Well, it was a series of four that gave it to me, shhhh....

When I was walking back to my hotel, through the Souk, I also got a photo of the 'Pearl' and also the Doha Islamic Cultural Centere:

Doha Pearl, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

Tonight’s meeting went well, and I suspect I have also met a very good friend. He is from Mumbai, and is very knowledgeable. BUT, in more exciting news, I have today found out, that a photo of mine is now a published (on the internet, but heck, it's published) so go and have a look (it's about half way down), tell me if you find it!

Tomorrow, I am again have another meeting, this time, at 1.45, I am being picked up and taken to the office... Then it will be onwards to various sites from there, so things are progressing nicely. This trip has also earned me the status of SILVER Skywards membership, yeah! ------

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