02 January, 2010

34 Left, clear for takeoff!

New Years Day was a day where I spent it (the morning) with L's mum and dad... I met them at the local St Vincents (which was open for a 50% off sale; even the charities have sales!) and then we headed to the cemetery. We then headed over to their place where we planted the new tree they got as a Christmas gift from the kids! It is a red Maple and two Gardenias!

Then this morning, I was awake early for some reason I still don't know why, so I jumped in the car and headed to Sydney Airport for a bit of 'Spotting' of the arrivals and departures! By mid morning, it was something like 100% humidity and storms were about to roll across, so I headed home to do the lawns. Here is a short montage of the day...

And JUST in case the slideshow above still does NOT want to play here is another form of it!

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