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07 March, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 66 Something You Wore

OK, this was already blogged about, back in May 2005! But, it was funny then, as it is now!! I just had to share it again - L was a funny thing!! Now, whilst I am not sure what happened to the photo in the original post, it is here though...


I still can NOT believe she went to work wearing odd shoes!!!

Hoo roo for now...


17 December, 2011

11 Years Ago today...

Today, would be our 11th Wedding Anniversary...

Wedding Ceremony

Hoo roo for now...


11 December, 2011

Happy Birthday Lou

Happy Birthday Lou...

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

Nothing more to say really...


29 November, 2011

2011 - NSW LGSA Excellence in Environment Awards

Today, was a day of mixed emotions... It was the 2011, NSW Local Government & Shires Associations Excellence in Environment Awards...

I sit on an award category for L's Memory for individual achievements... The nominee's for this year's award were all very worthy of the award. However, when I read through them all, there was for me, a clear winner and truly represented L. And, this year, the winner did not know she was even nominated let alone the winner!!! When her named was called out, there was a small scream of absolute astonishment of winning!! By the time she came to the podium for the award to be presented by myself and the Minister for the Environment, she actually had tears... It was a wonderful thing to be part of.

Awards 2011

Awards 2011

Awards 2011

Awards 2011

After the awards presentation, we were invited to lunch, which had a selection of two hot mains, a Lamb dumpling casserole, and a chicken & choritzo pilaf thing which was AMAZING! To the sides, cuss cuss, salads, potato salad and so on. There was also a cheese and fruit platter. The view for lunch over looked the wonderful sights of Circular Quay, Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

By the end of the day, and it was a hot day, (and after copious amounts of water), I got the opportunity to watch the Adel concert from the Royal Albert Hall (I purposely didn't put a certain word in-between Albert and Hall as she had worded it!). it was a wonderful concert, and I actually think she is pretty true vocally in live, as she is on the recorded media. She is a wonderful performer, both in her singing and in her talking to her audience.

Keeping myself busy, and tomorrow is a busy day ahead looking at a set of French Doors a friend may be purchasing for access to his newly built decking. But, that's for another day!

Hoo roo for now...


19 November, 2011

Eye Bank Presentation

Below, is the presentation I made today at the 'Gift of Sight' Memorial Service for the Eye Bank, after donating L's eyes after she died...

L C P - BA, Grad. Dip. Ed (Geog), M Environmental Management & M.B.A. (Env Mgt)

(11-12-1969 – 15-04-2009)

L C P was the eldest daughter to M & J. She was the eldest sister to C & P, A and S and O and Iand aunty to their children. L was to become a pseudo mother to Macc the Greyhound and Jasmine, our feral cat at home. She was also my wife and confidant…

L came into my life in 1996, where we met through a friend, and soon became not only good friends, we became soul mates. She was a kind-hearted person and had all the time in the world for her family and friends.

L was educated, passionate towards the environment and sustainability. She studied at the University of NSW in a Master of Environmental Management and later at the University of Southern Queensland completing her MBA with a major in the Environment. She was also passionate towards Local Sustainability in her role as Manager Sustainability at P Council. She had, on behalf of Council, been recognised locally, within Australia and Internationally for her work, and had won the NSW Local Government & Shires Association - Excellence in Environment Awards in 2003, which saw her attend the Aalborg +10 Sustainability Conference in Denmark. The NSW LGSA have since established the award for Individual Excellence in Sustainability Award! Council has also established an annual staff scholarship award for further education in sustainability.

By default in my own studies, I soon entered the field of sustainability, and we would often trade phone calls and emails about various subjects through the day for work.

It is often said in the area of sustainability, to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”, and this became very aware to me on that fateful night of 15 April 2009…

But first, I would like to take you on a journey, our journey, that ultimately resulted in us all being here together today… We’ve all lost someone we loved, and we’ve all either donated tissue to another person in order for them to regain sight, to improve sight or to reduce pain, OR you have received that tissue, and are here today able to see thanks to that donation.

In 2004, we started IVF treatment in order to become parents. I am already a father from a previous marriage, but L failed to fall pregnant. She started hormone treatments, FSH (Follicle Stimulation Hormone) and finally two rounds of egg collection, the first resulting in 16 and the second with 14 follicles or eggs.

She suffered the trauma of recurrent miscarriages, but true to her nature, she set adversity aside and we commenced the next treatment cycle. Naturally, yes she was devastated, and she tried hard to hide this, especially at work.

It was our last treatment cycle where L desired more than anything else, to become pregnant. She naturally wanted a ‘pigeon pair’ and we discussed the options available – either a single or a double fresh transfer. There is anecdotal evidence that fresh transfers are more successful over frozen transfers, so we decided to proceed with a double.

A few weeks later, she commented that she felt pregnant, nausea had returned stronger than ever, lethargy and so on, and in the wee hours of March 10th, my birthday and three days before a routine blood test, a double line appeared on the dipstick.

However, March 31st, she suffered a small bleed and the fear of a miscarriage again returned. I booked us in for the ultrasound scan the following day, April 1st. It was in this ultrasound, that our lives turned momentarily upside-down… As soon as the probe was inserted, I immediately noticed not one, but two heartbeats in two embryonic sacs. L had succeeded in being pregnant with the twins she wanted! At this stage, we had thought everything was against us, confirmation blood test Friday 13th and twins confirmed on Aprils fools: - what else could go wrong we thought!

Easter was celebrated with family, and at the Easter Show, being RAS members availed us to see a little section every day, as opposed trying to see it all in a single day. The nausea had escalated, as did the lethargy, but she remained strong. However, I did want her to ‘slow down’ as she was also complaining of shortness of breath… I remarked, almost ordered in fact, that the following day she take some rest, and I will take her to the GP for some time off work.

The following morning, I went and made L some vegemite on toast and a cup of tea and returned to bed whilst she, tried, to have some breakfast. Shortly after, she went to the bathroom, and whilst returning, she called saying that she felt faint… When I got to her, I was able to grab her arm and assist her as she collapsed in the hall… this was the last I recall of her voice as she, with the benefit of hindsight, struggled for breath…

Fast forward to later that evening, some 12 hours or so later, I was still very much in a state of shock, when I received a phone call. It was the Eye Bank requesting the donation of her eyes. Whilst this wasn’t really discussed between us, we were both far to young to die at this stage; I subconsciously knew what I had to do. I couldn’t make this call on my own, as I felt L was only ‘on loan’ to me, as she was Michael and Julies daughter. I called them to seek their thoughts, and if my memory is correct of that evening, I think I may have then called Lou’s siblings. We came to the conclusion that we will donate her eyes, as it is something that was fundamental to L’s being in her work of Sustainability. That is…To Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

  • TO REDUCING someone else’s pain of blurred vision or blindness…
  • TO REUSE L’s eyes to restore someone’s vision…
  • TO RECYCLE tissue to assist in another person ability to return to seeing and working and doing things they enjoy in life, I thought L would be happy.

Some weeks later I received a letter from the Eye Bank that in fact, two people, one 70 and the other 77, had received the donation of her eyes, and that they are now able to return to a life of vision thanks to our donation.

It was later, as a result of an autopsy, that I found out that L had died from a DVT that made its way to her lungs, a Pulmonary Thromboembolism, and whilst I would’ve liked to have donated more of her organs, it was not possible given the suddenness of her death.

The donation of organs, be it eyes or other internal organs, is a decision that must be made between families and then respected by those who have to make that decision when it is often the hardest time to make such a decision. The coordinators at the Lions Eye Bank are not only warm and compassionate group of individuals, but they are also some of the finest medical professionals within the industry. They not only know how to handle the delicate balance of one families grief, but also one families gratitude of finally being able to receive treatment. I would like to thank them for the professionalism and compassion they demonstrated on the day L died, but also last year for my first Memorial Service I attended and for inviting me to tell you my story.

Finally, I would like to also thank my wonderful friends whom have supported me this past year. To M and J, and to all of L’s family for their ongoing love and support, for without that, I would not be the person I am today. I love you all…

Thank you…

Afterwards, I had some of the ladies there approach me and we had a chat. One of them, was actually a recipient, and commented on how hard it must have been to prepare 'my story'... It was hard, but additionally, it was also comforting and a sense of 'closure' as well. We enjoyed a cuppa and some cakes, there was also scones with jam and cream. As it was a VERY hot day, I also had a cool OJ, and a plate of fruit before leaving...

Hoo roo for now...


10 May, 2011

Remembering - Bernie John P, aged 94

I've JUST received some very sad news of the passing of a dear old friend, Bernard John P Snr in Richmond Melbourne aged 94. I only met Bernie a year ago, but it was one of those friendships that was such an 'instant' hit with both him and his wife Jessie. Both Jessie and Bernie have been in my thoughts over the past year and a bit, and recently, Jessie was the one whom I had heard was ill with the flu. And, from the message I received this morning, it was the flu that has won with sub-zero temps in Melbourne today.

Bernie P, Dennis W, & the Late Bernie P Snr

Jessie, you are in my thoughts and prayers over the coming days/weeks. See you on Friday...

Hoo roo for now... ------

10 March, 2011

Two years ago today...

Time, roughly 3.45am, Lou was awake, restless and anxious... She woke me, accidently of course, and headed off to the bathroom with the PG Test stick in hand. It was still a little early, day 10 and not due to go back to IVF until the 13th, but test she did...


WHAT a great birthday present I got that year, a positive, Louise was pregnant... Oh how it should have been oh so different...

Hoo roo for now...


15 April, 2010

Louise 11 Dec 1969 ~ 15 April 2009

Today, is the first anniversary, I would like to repost the tribute I did for Louise...

I do not know where I would be, had it not been for my family and friends.

Of particular note, Alex and Sam (Max & Will), I am endebted to your love and support... I really DO appreciate it! Camille and Paddy (Riley & Jamie) & Olivia and Ian (Rosie & Jack), knowing that I have you all there (and the offers of dinner...) thanks guys!

Michael and Julie... I so wish I could simply turn back time, and give you your daughter and friend back... I know that you're hurting, and I love you both dearly...

Mum, for you have given me the strength, love and support, thank you. Helen and Kieran (Jayden and Cameron) and David... I thank you for supporting me through te last year as well.

Maribeth and Jack, my dear friends, I so do not know how I would have coped, for you have been so supportive... Thank you also for your Skype calls and for just being there... Love to you all...

My 'EB Girls' to whom we were suppose to share the wonders of childbirth... Thanks for just being there as well, and for your continued support and friendship.

And all of my friends and family, I say thank you!


02 March, 2010

12 months ago today... WW No. 2

This needs some explanation... 12 months ago today, after a second egg collection cycle (14 on this cycle), we had a double embryo transfer. To think, that 12 months on, I should have my wife and babies. Instead, I have buried her.

I feel a bit depressed at the moment, but I am ok...


18 February, 2010

Thursday Thirteen # 1

A bit of a photo essay really... My late wife, L who passed away last April whilst carrying our twins...

1. Her smile…

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

2. Her 'funny Faces'…

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

3. Her work trips…

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Arrival at Heathrow, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

4. Her work around the house…

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

5. Her WANT to be a mum (even if it was through IVF egg collections)…

16 Right, originally uploaded by lounbern.
Fourteen, originally uploaded by lounbern.
A picture tells a 1000 words..., originally uploaded by lounbern.
Twins, originally uploaded by lounbern.

7. Her being an 'Aunty L'…

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

7. Our outings here and there…

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

8. Her supporting me…

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

9. Her craftiness…

tangerine, originally uploaded by lounbern.
Avalon waiting quilt, originally uploaded by lounbern.

10. Her sense of family, and love of it…

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

11. From our Wedding Day…

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

12. Rembering her in her youth…

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

13. But ONE thing I will never forget, is her lasting memory…

Headstone, Plaque & Photo, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Family Tree Planting, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
Plaque and Stone, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

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