18 January, 2010

This is it... This time I know its the real thing...

Now the question is, name the song and the singer!

On a more serious note, tomorrow, I am off to my first 'Personal Training' session. I am not really interested in having a 'sculptured' body builder look, yuck, I simply want a return to fitness and loose some weight!

Since April, I have been eating a lot of comfort food, and not really get off my butt, until about mid December that is. Since then, I have been far more active, eating less and even more so, the right foods! A lot of people had failed to get me to eat vegetables, mum, my ex and to some extent L and her mum. But in actual fact, in her death, L has actually gotten me to eat SOME vegetables! Can you believe it?!?!?

So what am I eating? Beans & peas, corn (pref on the cob for some strange reason), pumpkin. I like onions of course, but NOT raw as the flavour is just to intense. Then there's capsicum and I even started to eat salads now! WOW!!

So from tomorrow when they take all of my details, I will be sharing them all with you (warts and all), this way, YOU can help me stay focused and on track. Can you do it?



  1. FANTASTIC! Good for you! I wish you great luck with your Healthful Lifestyle. (Never say diet!)

  2. Okay, since you have not written or been online I wonder if the personal trainer has caused you serious harm! Check in please!


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