11 January, 2010

Sydney James...

Yesterday, I got to celebrate the Christening of little Sydney James Fisher... He is a funny little man!

The day was scheduled to be hot, and it was! Saturday was hot as well, which meant getting into my suit was going to be a very uncomfortable experience! I had a spa, and then a shower, but at 9.30am it was over 31c! So, I made the Executive decision to NOT wear the jacket, and I was ok with this... Thank you to the Executive!

The service was great, and Fr Michael was a funny enough fellow! At the outset of the service, he mentioned that if anyone wants to see something again, or to do it for a photo oportunity, to yell out 'Re-run' and they will do it over... But I think everyone had pity on him in the heat in his vestments, as he was constantly wiping his brow due to the heat! At the very end of the service, I wanted to get another family shot so I thought I will throw a bit of bait to Fr Michael...

Me: Father, I was wondering if it was possible to get a photo?

Father: But of course, where/how?

Me: Ok, you mentioned the word "re-run" earlier, so I would like that please...

Father: Oh ok, which part?

Me: The whole lot please... (I thought I need to run...)

Father: Not bloody likely (with a rye grin), it's too bloddy hot!!

At least he took it with the punn that it was intended... As I said, he was a funny fellow!

As soon as I got back to the house for the celebration, I could NOT get changed quick enough into a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt. We had a lovely afternoon, and the people were all very sociable... And the kids were even great given the heat! Here is a montage of the day...



  1. What a handsome child he is!!

    (I love the music!)

  2. Love the bit with Fr. Michael! Too funny!
    Great pictures, as always!


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