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17 February, 2010

Whine, congratulations and an update!

Have been feeling a little... down over the last couple of days. Not sure if it was the whole Valentine's day thing or not, but feeling a little overwhelmed! [/end whine]

Anyways, the trip has FINALLY been paid for in full, just waiting for the final invoice and itinerary. These will more than likely come with the tickets for the Rail component, but now I can relax a little. All that remains (really) is where and what attractions will be had! I would have loved for mum to go on the London Eye, but she has an aversion to heights, but I hope she can summons up the courage for the Eiffel Tower!

The Itinerary, 42 days, is as follows:

  • Manchester, Liverpool, York, Bath, Windsor and London.
  • Paris and Angers
  • Venice, Florence, Pisa and Venice
  • Naples Capri Italy, Piraeus (Athens) Rhodes Greece, Kuasadsi (Ephesus) Turkey, Alexandria (Cairo) Egypt, Messina (Sicily) Italy and back to Civitavecchia (Rome)
  • Dubai

I can't wait to get onto the plane (44 days from now, but I am not counting (MUM is though)) but to get some great photos as well!

My journey to a healthier lifestyle is going well, as I mentioned, I have lost 2kg and 20cm overall on my body measurements. Yesterday, I started a boxing session with the trainer and felt OK after it! My eating is going ok, even good, and I have started to eat some vegetables including Broccoli! I am currently going twice a week, and from NEXT week, I will be throwing in a class as well on the Wednesday! I am still walking of a morning, and cycling of an afternoon (when it's not TO hot) and I go for a walk in my lunch time.


13 February, 2010


Some good news... I had my first weigh-in and measure up, and I have lost 2kg, and a massive 20cm in measurements! I was so stocked in getting to that point!

It has been a lot of hard work, learning to eat vegetables for starters, but I am getting through them. Not to mention, seeing the trainer twice a week, this week it was three. But I now have the momentum and drive to continue on. So hopefully, by the time I head off in March, I will be not only a lot fitter for the trip, but a lot less of me as well!


24 January, 2010

On yer bike!

Today, I went for a ride... Partly as I was invited, but to also clear my head... I had been sorting through L's crafty stash of material for quilting and chenille. I have only cleared out one room, and there is so much junk stuff!

Lous Crafty Stuff, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

So, A,S and the kids arrived at 11.30am and were hit the road at just on midday. It is a cycleway I had done a few times before, so as I used to it. But only when I was a little fitter than I am now and also a little lighter! We joined the cycle way not far from home, and by the time we reached 'Pipehead' we were now on what was Sydney's water supply before being decommissioned in 1995 and converted into the cycleway in 2004.

Boothtown Aqueduct - 1883-1907, originally uploaded by yewenyi.

So we rode along the 7.7klm odd cycleway and were greeted at the picnic area by S, M & W with lunch, we were so spoilt! I actually didn't feel to bad either after the ride! W was feeling a little out of sorts, tired mainly, but he is the one who enjoys staying up much later than bedtime! But this was more out of sorts than normal, maybe he's coming down with something...

Alex and William, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

So we hit the road back home, and the first hill was a killer for me, but it was all 'downhill' after that. I say downhill, as it was a canal that carried water down to pipehead, but it was such a low gradient that it felt flat ALL the way! And I was so glad to be home with a cold glass of water (or four!) to drink!

Now I had been thinking of ways I can either keep the outdoor lounge clean, and/or Macc of it, so I went to the linen press and got an old odd quilt cover, so hopefully this will work! I will still be shoeing him off if he is so stupid to hop back on, but at least I will be able to pull of the slip cover in a second for a party or similar!


22 January, 2010

Training and eating (and GREAT Neighbours!)

For those of you who know me, you will know that I have not been a fan of vegetables... Not only do I not like them, I have a very strong DISLIKE for them. My mother had failed, my ex had failed, and to some extent even L (and her mother) even failed. But prior to L dieing in April, I had started to eat peas, at least it was a start, right?

BUT, where L had failed in life, she has some what succeeded in death and I have started to eat 'veges'! Yes, this will come as a shock, but it is all part of my get fit regime! I started with a Personal Trainer on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, I ate healthy (or as close as I could) for the day. This included five meals, culminating in NO carbs after 3pm. So what was I going to have for dinner now? I went down to the supermarket and did some shopping, and I could not believe I was buying Broccoli... All cooked, I had a steak, corn, tomatoes and yes broccoli!

Dinner, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

After my first session, I was in pain, real pain... My arms were sore, my legs were a little sore, but it was all in my arms! I felt good though, a bit better in my mind as I had been feeling depression filtering back, but I actually managed to get a good nights sleep... I went to bed at around 8.30pm (unheard of normally) and slept solidly until 7.30am!

And in this mornings news, with it going to be at least 40c here today, I managed to get up early, run an important errand first and I was home by 7am. I had breakfast, and I got straight to doing the lawns. Whipping and cutting done, and I got quickly to watering the Garden, mainly things that I did not want to loose, and it was now coming up to 9am. As I was rolling up the hose, my neighbour D was coming in the gate. I have such GREAT neighbours... Anyway, he came with my morning (weekly) paper and some 'morning tea' wrapped in foil... He was in a hurry himself, and I quickly went inside to see what treasures were within! OMG is all I could say! See what I mean:

Neighbours Scones, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

I quickly put the kettle on, got the butter and jam, and had two (YES TWO) of these for my mid-morning snack/meal. They were heavenly! Thanks L & D for looking after me, and blow the diet for the day, I sweat it out, and more, today in the 40c heat with the Personal Trainer!

Have a great weekend everyone! ------

18 January, 2010

This is it... This time I know its the real thing...

Now the question is, name the song and the singer!

On a more serious note, tomorrow, I am off to my first 'Personal Training' session. I am not really interested in having a 'sculptured' body builder look, yuck, I simply want a return to fitness and loose some weight!

Since April, I have been eating a lot of comfort food, and not really get off my butt, until about mid December that is. Since then, I have been far more active, eating less and even more so, the right foods! A lot of people had failed to get me to eat vegetables, mum, my ex and to some extent L and her mum. But in actual fact, in her death, L has actually gotten me to eat SOME vegetables! Can you believe it?!?!?

So what am I eating? Beans & peas, corn (pref on the cob for some strange reason), pumpkin. I like onions of course, but NOT raw as the flavour is just to intense. Then there's capsicum and I even started to eat salads now! WOW!!

So from tomorrow when they take all of my details, I will be sharing them all with you (warts and all), this way, YOU can help me stay focused and on track. Can you do it?