01 January, 2011

The 'Naughties': a decade in review...

At the close of 2010, the first decade in the 2000's, A friend of mine posted her review of the decade. I liked this idea, and as such, I will do the same. Thanks Genesis! So in no particular order...

  • Sydney held the 'Best Games Ever' for the Olympics! It was a great time to be in Sydney, and I have fond memories of the time.
  • Celebrated our first wedding anniversary.
  • I had many nephews and a niece born throughout the decade.
  • Bought our first AND second house!
  • I had my first international flight in 2004 to Japan, England, Denmark. I now have the travel bug very much in me now...!!! I also got my British Passport!
  • In 2005, I had major spinal surgery to remove a disc bulge, remove a 'lamina' off one of the vertebra and also a reduction of the central canal where the nerve roots come out of the spinal chord.
  • Commenced IVF treatment, and with it came 6 miscarriages. This was a roller coaster of a time, both for me and more so for L her, in 2009, suffered a Pulmonary Thrombo Embolism and died. This was the lowest of not only the year, or the decade, but for a very long time... Missing you xxooxx
  • Have met some of the most amazing people this decade. Commenced friendships through blogging. Some include Senator Penny Wong in Bali for the UN Climate Change Conference, blogging friend and a true 'mate' Maribeth to name a couple!
  • Commenced new friendships, of which I am confident, these will become long lasting as well...

I am also hoping to travel a little bit, either in 2011 or 2012 to the USA, Guatemala, India and Vietnam to name but a few.

So, with the passing of the 'Naughties' I wish you all a great 2011, and for the upcoming decade and into the future. , Hoo roo for now...


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