25 January, 2011

Repoint/Tuckpoint complete

Today, I had one HELL of a headache, and didn't make it into work it was that bad. Having said that, I spent most of the day either in the house (with air con on in lounge room) or in bed sleeping... It was another hot day in old Sydney town! At one point, I woke up in a sweat that was, simply, horrid! Sorry if this was TMI!

Anyway, this is going to be a quick post due to me being tired, so here are some photos, the reason why it needed to be done, a progress photo (or two) and then some of the completed work (both repoint and tuckpoint)! I will have to wait though to do a full shot, as I need to mow lawn LOW, fertilise and water in to make the garden look a lot better as it has had a bit of a trudging this last week and a bit!

I am SO happy with the work from Guliano from the Brick Pointing Team! I am MORE than happy to recommend!

Reason to repoint
Garage Side
Acidwash Pressure Clean
Taped Up
Tape Removal
Garage Taped Up
Taped Up

Hoo roo for now...



  1. He really is amazing, isn't he? It looks wonderful and oh yes, it was so needed!
    Hope the headache is better.

  2. Amazeballs! What is the brand name of the tape used?

  3. Amazeballs! What is the tape used?


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