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10 November, 2007

me again

with less than 24 hours till we jump on the plane, I feel like we are on a roller coaster of sorts. Yesterday we booked the first few days of accomodation, the inter island ferry, and did some last minute shopping for things like cat food, so that the pets are adequately catered for whilst we are away, only to find out that my dad (mum and dad were/are to be travelling with us) has been on IV antibiotics at Royal North Shore Hospital and may not be able to travel. He is at home today and on strict instructions to rest up and let the antibiotics do their thing. Our fingers are crossed.

So today, whilst the old boy rested, mum, the next sister down, baby Riley, B, and I met at the Willoughby Arts and Crafts Centre annual sale for a bit of market therapy. There wasn't a great deal to tempt given we are saving the spending for NZ although I got some fabric to add to the stash, at $5 a bundle who could resist.

Quarters & Cake!
The next sister down, got a couple of items for baby Riley, which B and I dropped at her place on our way home. This also gave B and I the opportunity to spend some time with her long time four legged companion 'Wally' the dog, who is not too good at the moment. Our fingers, crossed again, that he makes it comfortably through the next couple of weeks, with all but the favourite brother being in town*.

On a high note, B bought my combined Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, and Christmas pressie today, I know what it is, but I am going to forget about it. It's a good one, or he would never have gotten away with a combined gift.

*the youngest sister and her family are in New York for three weeks.

21 October, 2007


Well, L, you've done it again, but with nothing but the best intentions...
Today, L's dad was coming over to assist us with putting on the door handles and locks onto our freshly installed screen doors, mind you, we still have to install the fly screen!
Anyway, back on topic, L spent the morning whilst I was watering the garden, making and baking some little 'Baby Cupcakes'. Cupcakes are the next sister's down 'cup of tea' really, but L said, "what can go wrong?

Empty Cups

So the 'cups' were separated and sorted in preparedness for the cake mix...

Cake mix

Ready to bake

So, things were going along swimmingly, and they were looking good. The instructions (destruction's) said that the oven had to go on 180 for 10-15 mins... So after the said time, and after a look, it was now noted that the oven had been turned only to 120... Oops...

Biter's beware

Ok, so whilst they were iced and sort of looked ok, upon closer inspection, and trying to 'peel' off the paper cup, it became obvious that we were not going to be eating cupcake's, but more like Rock Cakes, Iced Cookies... So I will just mix them together, (sorry, no pun intended) and came up with Rock-kies!