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17 November, 2012

3 years on...

Today, 17th November, was L's due date for the twins. today, had they have been delivered on the due date, the twins would be three! I am currently in Vietnam, and away from leave a flower or two at L's grave... Instead, I shall try and find a single flower (each) and carry them with me tomorrow...

TWINS 1042009TWIN 1 1042009

I will do some 'catch-up' blogs tomorrow night...

Hoo roo for now...


02 February, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 33 Words

Today I finished a game of 'Words with Friends' with Lynne, whilst I might add from her hospital bed with a 'dickie heart'!!! It apparently races away, for no good (or bad) reason, and it was her 3 ambulance ride in just 5 days!! That'll teach her to play WWF with me!!! hahahah

WWF Lynne W


I got home yesterday, to a notice about going through a toll without my tag. When in fact, it was on my arm as I was on my bike! Today though, I got ANOTHER notice for a different toll saying I hadn't paid... Its a simple matter, put my tag number on the paperwork and send back, but OMG what a hassle I have to go through to do it!!!!!

Hoo roo for now...


10 May, 2009

Life's rolling along...

HAPPY Mother's Day!!!
Well, life is still rolling along here, a bit of a struggle at times, but it is going on... This last week I have had a couple of new arrivals... It was also a little difficult visiting, but on the same note, I would not have missed it for the world...
On 1st May, there was the arrival of Sydney James... He is a little cutie, don't you think?

Sydney James 1 May 2009

Then, on Wednesday, the 'next-sister-down' & Paddy had there second little boy, Jamie Michael. Again, isn't he a little cutie?

Jamie Michael 6 May 2009

Yesterday, I was looking after Max & Will whilst their parents got the house ready for Mother's Day lunch. We had a great day. Today, after having breakfast out here with my mum, I have to head home (quickly...) to pack before heading to lunch at L's family then heading onto the airport for my flight...

10 November, 2007

me again

with less than 24 hours till we jump on the plane, I feel like we are on a roller coaster of sorts. Yesterday we booked the first few days of accomodation, the inter island ferry, and did some last minute shopping for things like cat food, so that the pets are adequately catered for whilst we are away, only to find out that my dad (mum and dad were/are to be travelling with us) has been on IV antibiotics at Royal North Shore Hospital and may not be able to travel. He is at home today and on strict instructions to rest up and let the antibiotics do their thing. Our fingers are crossed.

So today, whilst the old boy rested, mum, the next sister down, baby Riley, B, and I met at the Willoughby Arts and Crafts Centre annual sale for a bit of market therapy. There wasn't a great deal to tempt given we are saving the spending for NZ although I got some fabric to add to the stash, at $5 a bundle who could resist.

Quarters & Cake!
The next sister down, got a couple of items for baby Riley, which B and I dropped at her place on our way home. This also gave B and I the opportunity to spend some time with her long time four legged companion 'Wally' the dog, who is not too good at the moment. Our fingers, crossed again, that he makes it comfortably through the next couple of weeks, with all but the favourite brother being in town*.

On a high note, B bought my combined Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, and Christmas pressie today, I know what it is, but I am going to forget about it. It's a good one, or he would never have gotten away with a combined gift.

*the youngest sister and her family are in New York for three weeks.

07 November, 2007

Wordless Wednesday # 14 Rosie Florence

Rember these...

Rosie Florence

Rosie Florence

Rosie's Christening

Rosie & Olivia

03 November, 2007

Riley Joe

Remember these lovely photo's of Riley?

Riley Joseph

Riley Joseph

Well, last Sunday, it was his Christening, and L is his Godmother. So, after a busy Saturday getting all around Sydney within the day collecting this and that, going over to 'The next sister Down' place and helping set up for the day (a feeble excuse really for L to hog have a hold of Riley) and then having to drive home to get ready for an impromptu dinner on the Saturday night, Sunday quickly came around for the 'Big Day'.
As L had front row tickets, we thought we had better be early, at least not late. So here we were, fluffing around the house (I was actually cooking my Asian Green Bean Salad) we noticed the time, 10.30 and I had not showered and the drive to the church was at LEAST 40 mins in no traffic!
So, without speeding, I managed to get us there just in the nick of time, I drop L at the door and went off to find a park.
Here are some photos at the church:

Stained Glass Window

St Josephs Enfield Altar

Pad Family and Godparents

Pad Family in St Joe's

Louise & Riley

Riley & Louise

It really was such a hot and muggy day, so as soon as were at the 'after party' I changed out of my suit and into some shorts! There was also so much food anyone would have been forgiven for thinking thousands of people were going to be there. Here are some random shots of the day:

Granny & Riley

4 Generations apart

Great Grandchildren

Sleeping & Beauty; Nan & Rosie

The Cake

The Family

04 September, 2007

A sad, SAD day today...

Wordless Wednesday next post down...

As has been previously mentioned, we have been doing the whole IVF thing, and had an implantation done on the 16th July, which would make it now 9 weeks pregnant for L (7 weeks, + 2 weeks growing the Follicle makes 9 weeks).

After the initial blood test showed a positive for a pregnancy, a subsequent blood test (original Beta-hCG levels were lower than expected) showed it to be growing, all beit slow, so an ultrasound was ordered by the specialist to investigate as to what was going on.

Two weeks ago, the ultrasound showed everything that should be there, except a foetal heartbeat as it should have been there by this stage. His words were that he did not expect this to be a viable pregnancy, but I will re-scan you again in a week. The 'pregnancy sac' was underdeveloped at just 4 weeks...

A follow up scan show that there was some development, which surprised the specialist somewhat, and that the pregnancy sac had indeed grown to the size that it should. Heck, there was even a foetal heartbeat this time! But still he remained sceptical about the situation and wanted to do another scan in around 10 days. Problem was, he was leaving to go to France for the Rugby World Cup (I can now see how they can afford such luxury's with the way they charge and the return visits)!

So this morning, after staying over at L's parents place as it is close to the clinic, we headed off for hopefully the last scan not to mention some good news. L was now getting pretty sick of dropping her pants for men other than me. The procedure used is an internal ultrasound where a condom is placed over the scanning tool and inserted. Almost as soon as it was in, I could see what was about to come. All I could see, now remember that I am a mere Greenkeeper, was the uterus wall and a black 'hole' if you like in the middle. Last time, there was a flashing heartbeat in there, and this time, there was not...

Needless to say, that L is devastated. She was quite stoic whilst in the clinic with the specialist, and even to the point of driving to her car (it was parked elsewhere so as we did not have to find two car parks near the clinic which is very rare), but as I started to leave, I could see that she was upset, so I went back and caught the tears...

So, what next? She is booked in for a cruet, hopefully next Monday, and we will start the whole process over again. The time however will have to be calculated out, as we are in the process of booking a trip over to Auckland Botanic Gardens for the Ellerslie Flower Show. I know that this will cheer her up, we had a great time last year, and I know that it will be that way again. She needs to simple stop, rest and de-stress!

Sorry for the long post, and cheer up L. I love you...

14 August, 2007

just delivered mk II

Wordless Wednesday, next post down... Sorry, but again we have some breaking news...

Well, its happened again...

This time, it was the next sister downs turn. At 4.37am this morning they welcomed the safe arrival of Riley Joseph. He was 49cm long and just a tad under 3.5kg, 7lb 6 ounce!

For this arrival, it was far less traumatic in the delivery room, and in fact after a day of house cleaning and the cooking of a roast dinner, the trip to the hospital was delayed due to the fact that the soon to be dad HAD to watch Boston Legal! Not to mention that upon getting home mid afternoon, in the front screen door there was a 'calling card' from the local police following up a complaint of somebody reporting moaning from next door, and this could be a case of spousal abuse. Spousal abuse it was, as in the baby was trying to bash and kick his way out!!!

Riley Joseph

Riley Joseph

09 August, 2007

just delivered

TT #7 next post down as here is some breaking news...

the first neice; Rosie Florence born 12.10pm, 47cm, 3.595 kilos or 7 pound 14 ounces in the old scale.

A lovely baby, she behaved and slept whilst we nursed her and champagne was drunk from hospital teacups. Apart from a few scratches and a bruise on her head she didn't look any worse the wear for the drama of her delivery which was sped up due to a racing heartrate and blue colour. In fact by the time we visited she was remarkably pink.

Rosie Florence

Rosie Florence