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02 February, 2010

A Road Trip South...

Last week, I had a bit of a road trip to get my mind back into, well, horticulture stuff. So I headed down to the South Coast to visit my old boss, Dr AH. He has a lovely property on 6 acres. I was asked ordered to bring Mr Macc with me, so I folded down my seats, put his bed into the back of the car and we headed off. Now I could have taken the F6 south down past Bulli Pass which overlooks the Illawarra:

The Gong from Above Bulli Pass, originally uploaded by .sarahjane.

But instead, I took the M5 down south to Picton, turned left, and headed past Cordeaux Dam:

Cordeaux Dam, originally uploaded by titancatwoman.
Cordeaux Dam, originally uploaded by Daniel O'Connor.

Again, I could have taken the easy way and re-joined the freeway, but instead I headed down the escarpment via Mt Kiera and Mt Kembla, through Kembela Heights and then onto the Princess Highway at Dapto.

Lookin South, originally uploaded by e0nn.
Mt Kembla at Dusk, originally uploaded by Momentary Glimpse.

And finally, arriving at Meroo Meadow...


24 November, 2009

Thank you Mr GPS...

nokia 6110 navigator, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

I would like to thank my GPS (built into my Nokia 6110 Navigator) for my trip today... For without it, I would have gotten to my destination a LOT quicker! It has been mentioned before, by my brother-in-law, that I may resemble somewhat of a walking street directory. I might even agree at times, but today I had my GPS on, primarily for those pesky red light and speed cameras that the NSW Government try to pass off as 'Revenue Raisers for the Annual Ball' 'Speed Deterrents'! But I put in a location as well, just for fun.

Anyway, it took me off a major road, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES just to put me back onto it a couple of blocks down the road!!! And, in the duck and weave in the back streets (yes I saw some fantastic houses, but that is another story), it then made me having to cross a major road at an intersection with no traffic lights and it felt like ages trying to get out as well! grrrr....

I was so glad to get to my location, just to be out of the car (and into the rain) to find out just why, Waterfall (just before the descent of the Illawarra escarpment) is just named after 3 days of 40+ heat... The rain, was Water Fall(ing)!!