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24 October, 2007

Wordless Wednesday # 12 Avalon UPDATE!

Remember this...

Avalon Quilt Kit

Avalon waiting quilt underway

Avalon waiting quilt

18 October, 2007

meet me at mikes

Meet Me at Mikes goodness

oh the packaged goodness, or is it the goodness packaged. A bit of both really, last week I was in Melbourne but managed one hour to tram it to 'Meet me at Mikes' on Bridge Rd and back again to Flinders St where I was staying. I came across the Meet me at Mikes blog a little while ago and decided I needed to make it there if I could next time I was in town. Such a cute shop, plastered with Golden Book covers and filled with vintage stuff and crafty goodness. So good, I managed to get two pieces of Shannon Lamden (Aunty Cookie) Home Sweet Home in Black Fabric. I bought some of this fabric in Olive some time back from her etsy store and love it so much I have not brought myself to cut into it yet. So this was a very exciting find. So that was the goodness packaged.

The packaged goodness; the bag with a page from a Noddy book attached, the receipt for the envelope (how posh) made from the page of a vintage book, and the fabric wrapped in crunchy cellophane with a suprise tag again made from the page of a childrens book, being all too cute.

05 August, 2007

gold star day

or should that be 'colour my day'? I have spent the day getting creative in the studio/shop of the talented Kirsten and Cath of Prints Charming. In a sentence it was a fabulous day on my feet silk screening fat quarters using Prints Charming designs. I think I may have completed sixteen fat quarters, aqua on white, red on white, and combinations of the two, as well as royal blue on white, lime and brown on white, fuchsia on linen, navy on linen, lime on linen, and royal blue on linen. Birds, flowers, star bursts, rockets, stripes, spots, dots, and lines, exuding the day's fresh air and sunshine, company and tutelage with perfectionism left at the door.

fat quarter list
I would really like to share my efforts however, as I forgot my camera this morning, and the finished work requires heat setting that will be done by Kirsten and Cath through the week, we shall all have to wait.

It was soooo much fun, next time (yes, next time) I shall be a little more adventurous and do more of the overprinting with more colours and patterns. Mixing it right up. I was not ready for that today, being in a bit of a monotone mood, but even working with the monotones it was a bright, colourful day with the crafting possibilities endless.

Definitely a gold star day.

07 July, 2007

too many works in progress

quilt in progress
the discipline that I have tried to exercise, that is not to start a new project without finishing the one at hand, has gone out the window. I currently have three quilts in progress, one cross-stitch, and now this tapestry.
noah's ark
And although I might have been disciplined in not starting new projects without finishing the one at hand, I have never been disciplined in the purchasing of kits, or materials for projects. I have dozens of cross-stitch patterns waiting in the wings, half a dozen quilting kits lined up, in addition to an assortment of crafty projects, and thanks to today's visit to Prints Charming's new store in Annandale, I have a few more crafty bits.

Prints Charming


rocket ship
Topped off by a visit from Special P this afternoon bearing gifts and I am truly gone in keeping my golden rule.

fabric gifted

09 June, 2007

i saw a circus

circus in central park quilt top

I have spent the day with mum and dad. It would have been a good day to spend at home as it was unbelievably stormy, and in typical me fashion, I got us real lost right from the get go. Thank god, I have a navman, he is called a husband on speed dial.

I had planned this day to get dad out of the house and as a bit of a distraction. Anyway, I totally distracted him, I think he was a bit incredulous that I had got us lost only 15 minutes into the trip. The destination for the day was Dural, where we could take in a couple of antique shops, and lunch at Greenshades in the warmth of their open fire.

If we hadn't got lost we wouldn't have seen the red and white striped circus tent at Silverwater that has provided me with the inspiration for the backing fabric for the Circus in Central Park quilt top that is now sewn. I shall just have to find it.