07 July, 2007

too many works in progress

quilt in progress
the discipline that I have tried to exercise, that is not to start a new project without finishing the one at hand, has gone out the window. I currently have three quilts in progress, one cross-stitch, and now this tapestry.
noah's ark
And although I might have been disciplined in not starting new projects without finishing the one at hand, I have never been disciplined in the purchasing of kits, or materials for projects. I have dozens of cross-stitch patterns waiting in the wings, half a dozen quilting kits lined up, in addition to an assortment of crafty projects, and thanks to today's visit to Prints Charming's new store in Annandale, I have a few more crafty bits.

Prints Charming


rocket ship
Topped off by a visit from Special P this afternoon bearing gifts and I am truly gone in keeping my golden rule.

fabric gifted

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