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19 February, 2013

Feeling a little 'overwhelmed'...

Beach Soccer (Jimbaran)
Beach Soccer (Jimbaran) - 2007

Have not 'really' been in the 'mood' for posting this last couple of weeks, as there is a lot going on; work, will I have a job and so on... It seems as though for one reason or another, deleting positions is an easy thing to do. So I have been researching all available options to me, having LOTS of meetings with other staff, and searching out opportunities. At the end of the day, I DO think I will be ok, what ever way it pans out...

Having said that, I also feel like picking up my ball, and going home, which is why I have picked the photo above of the beach soccer game, on Jimbaran Beach Bali.

In other news, a short trip to both Melbourne and Hong Kong is on the horizon, which will be a good distraction at the same time! I will get to catch up with friends and colleagues in both cities! In particular, an old school friend of mine, who moved from Sydney to London and is now settled in Hong Kong, it has been YEARS since I have seen him! I will also be having a meeting in Hong Kong, and a site inspection of the Sha Tin Racecourse!

Otherwise, not much else has been happening, just plodding along...

Hoo roo for now...


18 April, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 107 Hair

So we're back off to Bali, and to the Ulawatu Temple to the South. At the entrance to the Temple, is a monkey forest... Here we see this hairy little fellow, and yes we can see that hes a 'he', and they are all freindly enough. The WARNING though is this, remove ANYTHING sparkly, hair clips, sunglasses and the like as the monkeys collect them!!!


Hoo roo for now...


13 April, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 102 Something you've found

Here we go, back to Bali, but this time, its in Nusa Dua Markets... The aim of the game here was to find a bargain, board shorts, tee-shirts and the like, and I found many. But I think the overall bargain of the trip was finding 'Bali Benny' who made you leather shoes and sandles in 24 hours! L got two pairs whilst I only got the one, but we found a bargain let me tell you!!!

Nusa Dua Market Stalls

Hoo roo for now...


29 March, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 88 Feet

OH&S in Australia is pretty strict, steel capped boots, high vis shirts/vests and so on... So when in Ubud, Bali, you can imagine my horror in seeing the following on a construction site!!!

Ubud OH&S

Hoo roo for now...


06 January, 2012

Photo a Day Challenge - Day 6 Makes You Smile

There's many a thing that makes me smile, some more than others, but I was perplexed today thinking about this one... Was it something today that made me smile? Something from a memory?

Today though, yes I did have a smile, several times actually, but I digress! Today was at Inner City Golf, where BF was using a voucher he got for Christmas. He had a lesson with the Pro, whilst M and I waited so as we could 'play' our round! We got to pick 'where' we'd play, and I suggested it HAD to be the home of golf - St Andrews! We had 2 hours to do our thing, and whilst it was good, very good, it really wasn't the same as the real thing. It was difficult to gauge the greens in particular when it was time to putt! But, we had a good time, so that bought a smile.

I headed home to rest up a bit, and the cricket was on, day 4 from the SCG here in Sydney. Earlier in the day, Sachin Tundulkar was trying for his 100th 100 in the SCG's 100th Year of Cricket... He was bowled by Australian Captain Michael Clarke and caught in the slip cordon by Michael Hussey for 80 runs, and yes, that also made me smile.

But in looking through my pictures, since it is a 'Photo a Day' thing, I was drawn to back in the archives so to speak, to Bali in 2007. I've posted this photo a couple of time before, but the smile on this old ladies weathered face, is infectious, in that it made me smile, both on the day, and yes, today as well... So this is my 'Makes You Smile' day! Happy Smiling!!

Monkey Forest Lady

Hoo roo for now...


11 February, 2008

Bali Hotel: Puri Bali Jimbaran

An abundance of Frangipani's were around and were collected during the morning. The better ones were used that afternoon on the bed pillows when they turned the bed down at night for you...

Frangipani at night
Our hotel reception, was very VERY nice... Througherly reccomend staying here, we will again!

Puri Bali Jimbaran Reception
Beach side restaurant at sunset. Fantastic food day or night!

Puri Bali Jimbaran Beach Restaurant
Looking from reception across the huge pool to the beach side bar and restaurant.

Puri Bali Jimbaran Pool & Bar

29 January, 2008

30 days : day 3... Bali Bowl (WW No. 19)

Bali Bowl
We loved this bowl from the Bali Jimbaran. A simple seed husk from a Palm with Silver ends. Mind you, on the weekend, we had to make the base!

09 January, 2008

Wordless Wednesday # 18: - Jimbaran Bay Beach Soccer

Jimbaran Bay Beach Soccer

Photo courtesy Erika Engelhaupt, from EstBali who had borrowed my lens for this shot!

I know that this 'should' be wordless, but I feel I need to explain this shot...

Each morning out on the beach, the locals go out and have a game of soccer. The game starts around 5am, and is fascinating to watch. Look out for the next Beckham here!!

31 December, 2007

Bali UNFCCC 2007

Well, we are finally back, and finally getting a new post up, sorry about that, but a 'little' event got in the way that made it difficult to do any posting!
Rather than try and post a lot of photos, I discovered a great little widget thingy over at Flickr to put them into a slideshow for you to watch. We hope you enjoy it.

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