07 May, 2005

better than betty crocker

we had the best mud cake ever yesterday. What I think was meant to be a surprise* to B but was spoiled by the boy himself, was a visit from A (of BMJ fame) and Nat (of Rock the Kazbaar). Nat was bearing the most delectable (and heaviest) chocolate mudcake ever, that she had baked (a saga in itself) for B.

No words can describe how great the cake was, except it was better than betty crocker, and I would know, being such a connoisseur of her cake mixes.

yumm mudcake
*I think this was to be a surprise because I had been SMS'ing with Nat the previous day about said mud cake as to whether she should bake a marble mud cake (white chocolate and milk chocolate) or plain. With a visitor bringing mudcake, I thought a roast for dinner was appropriate and suggested this to B, who agreed. Not aware that Nat was already coming over, he said to me that it would be nice to invite some friends for dinner. I thought I did well at agreeing in a non-committal fashion. It was then to my surprise that he announced a short while later that he had invited A and Nat. I suppose when you are stuck indoors and mainly on your back you are quick to get on the phone.

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