01 May, 2005

the day of the emerald green jacket

emerald green jacket

this morning A and I set out in search of the emerald green jacket which I had seen a couple of days before. I hadn't purchased it that day because 1. that store didn't have it in my size and 2. I needed a second opinion of the colour. With the size sorted and approval from A, I now have an emerald green velvet jacket, a new skirt and top to set it off. I hope this doesn't set B's progress back too much, I need him to get back to work so we can afford the AMEX this month.

As we were (kind of) in the vicinity of IKEA, A and I did a quick round of the store, sizing up lounge suites, wardrobes and rugs. A trip to IKEA is always fun but we weren't there for long, I needed to get to the chemist and back to B with the pain relief at noon.

Lunch was had and an afternoon of visits which included L and C returning with Macc whom they had kindly taken for a few hours. They had given him a much needed wash and he was able to 'run-around' with their puppies. It was an afternoon of doggy induldgence which A jokingly but aptly referred to as the doggy day spa/gentlemen's club.

B's mum also dropped in, just in time for afternoon tea - a white chocolate and raspberry swirl cake, made by me without burning or setting off the fire alarm.

white choc & rasperry swirl cake

Comment from L: this post is from me, I am using B's Flickr, although I do believe emerald green would really suit him.

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