05 May, 2005


the patient is progressing, although managing pain relief is proving to be a bit of a challenge. A call has been left for the GP to ring/drop by today and discuss this matter, and hopefully sort it out.

I am looking forward to getting back to work next week. This last couple of weeks has proven to me that I would not make a good stay-at-home person, even with plenty to do, I like going to work each day.

If I were at work I would not be looking forward to such highlights as, removing a fur ball from Jas the cat's coat, and the postman bringing an eBay purchase. Ok, I would be looking forward to the ebay purchase arriving, but the anticipation is somewhat heightened at present.


don't take my photo - don't touch my furball

Photos of Jas taken by the patient before the delicate furball operation took place.

Some new sites I have come across and have added to my favourites:

  • third drawer down artwork by contemporary Australian and International Artists reproduced as Limited Edition screen prints onto Linen teatowels, napkins, tablerunners, and aprons) as a cherished gift and souvenir. It is also just a cute website and worth a look.
  • babys got style has a great range of things for babies, and at the moment so many friends and family members have had or are having a baby that I wish I had found this site sooner. I particularly like the knitted vege rattles.
  • Kim Hargreaves ladies handknit garment kits

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