17 May, 2005


Have you ever had one of those nights when NOTHING you do, you just cant get to sleep??

Well, this has been happening to me for the last two weeks at least!! I can just about tell you what is (or isn't) on TV during the wee hours of the morning, but BB05 up late is.... amusing to say the least!!

Although last night we had a bit of an exception to this. Can I just say ... Jasmine 5 mouse (ies) 0!! You see, after trying unsuccessfully to get comfy on the lounge downstairs where at least I was near to where L was studying, at around 8.30pm I had enough and went upstairs to bed. This was OK by all with Jas amusing herself somewhere in the house and Macc was already fast (dog tired ... ha ha) asleep on the bed. Next thing I know, is that L is coming to bed (9.30ish) and all is well, but I was now awake and was tossing and turning again trying to get back to sleep.

Anyways, next thing you know Jas is running around the house like a mad cat with a 'play toy' in her mouth..... here we go again!!!!

After about 30 mins or so chasing the cat who was chasing the mouse who was chasing somewhere to hide not only from the cat, but a pair of humans (one of which was screaming her head off anytime it came within a mile of her) as well!!

Once all things were caught, and with Jas now completely P#*@ed of with me from removing her 'toy' we again settled down to sleep, but alas this was not to be, and before to long it was now 1.30am and I was wide awake......


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