11 July, 2005

A comedy of errors…

The day started with fond farewells with Auntie Pat. We walked up to the nearby bus stop and I jumped on the No 53 to Liverpool Lime Street to catch the train back to Manchester Airport. Once on the train, which was full by the way, there were two young girls travelling chatting on how one of them met this Australian guy, “6’3” he was” in a rather strong scouser accent. Anyways, they trying to determine what was 6’3” so me being me couldn’t resist myself stood up and said in my strongest Aussie accent, “about this tall!” They then asked if I was an aussie, (as if they had to ask) and that was about the end of it as the train was approaching their stop.
Next thing you know, we were pulling into Manchester Piccadilly, where I had to change trains (huh) to the airport. Upon arrival, I was informed that I had to go out and catch a bus, which is when I panicked as I had to catch a shuttle to Llandudno at 2.30! Well, out I went and catch the bus I did which seemed to go on for ages. I arrived at the airport at 1.45 and tried to find out where I had to go to catch the shuttle. After looking around for a while, there was nothing to see that might indicate where I was going so I went to the information booth for some help and was told that there were a few other delegates here and we would be called.

Move ahead to 4 pm when there was no sign of any shuttle so we huddled together and decided that we now had to get our own way there. I went off to the car rental people, where 4 of the 5 had nothing and the last had one for 86 pounds. The lady from Sygenta had a driver and a mini bus for 156 pounds and off we went.

After arrival I found the hotel (very VERY nice) and unpacked. I then went off in search of dinner (1.20 pounds of chips) ate dinner, went for a walk, SMS ‘L’ and off to sleep.

Ormescliffe Hotel

101 view

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